Asthma + Lung UK Receives £500K from Postcode Lottery for Lung Disease Support

Asthma + Lung UK Receives £500K from Postcode Lottery for Lung Disease Support

THE country’s leading lung charity is to receive half a million pounds in unrestricted funding raised by the players of Postcode Lottery and awarded by the Postcode Care Trust. It will use the generous investment to help improve the lives of the one in five people in the UK who will develop a lung condition like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or bronchiectasis over their lifetime.

Asthma + Lung UK is dedicated to creating a world where the ability to breathe freely is something everyone can enjoy. Through its helpline and a nationwide network of 105 support groups, it provides invaluable advice to everyone struggling with breathlessness. The charity also funds pioneering respiratory research and campaigns for cleaner air and access to better care and quicker diagnosis.

Laura Chow, Head of Charities at People’s Postcode Lottery, said: 

“Asthma and Lung UK brings a huge amount of support, guidance, and information to those living with a lung condition. With around 17% of the UK population impacted with lung disease, I am delighted that the funding raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery will help them to reach so many people across the country.”

Sarah Sleet.

Sarah Sleet, Chief Executive of Asthma + Lung UK, said:

“For far too long, the number of people affected by lung conditions, and their devastating impact on individuals, have been completely underestimated. Lung disease is the third biggest killer in the UK, but millions of people with respiratory conditions are having to wait years for a diagnosis and don’t get the right treatment at the right time which is something we are working hard to change.

“Many are being left feeling unsupported and scared which is why our support network of more than a hundred face-to-face and virtual support groups and our incredible helpline are such an invaluable resource for people living with a lung condition.

“We are incredibly thankful to the players of People’s Lottery for raising funds that will make a tangible difference to people with lung conditions. This investment could fund 10 respiratory experts on the charity’s helpline, which last year supported more than 23,000 people with lung conditions. The award could help to launch new support groups, and life-changing awareness campaigns. Every pound will count.”

Someone who knows the importance of the charity’s support services is Chloe Slasberg, 49, a former nurse, from Harlow, Essex. Chloe was diagnosed with COPD, an incurable lung condition that causes constant shortness of breath, four years ago. She has since had to give up work and barely leaves her home for fear of picking up a life-threatening infection which could land her in hospital. Asthma + Lung UK’s helpline staff and support groups have been a complete lifeline for Chloe.

She said:

“It is impossible to convey the huge impact that constant breathlessness has on my life. After my diagnosis in 2020, I was desperate for information. I found it so comforting being able to talk to the calm and informative clinicians on Asthma + Lung UK’s helpline, especially during the pandemic when there was so little support available. I had so many questions about my health.”

Chloe’s lung condition is now so severe that she still lives under lockdown as picking up a cold or a virus could leave her fighting for her life. Family and friends visit her in her garden, and the only time Chloe leaves home is for medical appointments or to attend Asthma + Lung UK’s support groups.

As well as attending a COPD support group and a Pulmonary Rehabilitation course, which is designed to improve breathing and fitness in people with lung conditions, Chloe takes part online in the charity’s Motivational Monday and Feel-Good Friday support groups. She is also a devoted member of Asthma + Lung UK’s singing and harmonica for lung health groups.

Chloe said:

“The groups give me a sense of community and camaraderie. They brighten my day and give me the tools to deal with my condition and to improve my lung function. I find them comforting, entertaining and educational. But I realise they are expensive to run which is why I am personally grateful to the players of People’s Lottery for recognising my struggles, and those of millions of other people like me, and helping to provide us with the tools to live healthier, happier lives.”