Jay Aston shares journey on Health Lottery’s Paying it Forward Podcast

FORMER Eurovision Star Jay Aston talks about mouth cancer, performing with The Fizz this year and inspiring others to pay it forward.

Jay Aston, renowned for her iconic win with Bucks Fizz at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest, shares her remarkable journey of resilience and recovery on The Health Lottery’s Paying it Forward podcast. In an emotional episode with Danni Menzies broadcast on Thursday 23rd May from 7am, Aston offers words of encouragement to those facing similar challenges, inspiring others to embrace hope and positivity.

With a remarkable £130 million contributed to health and wellness initiatives throughout communities in Great Britain, The Health Lottery has long recognised the transformative power of paying it forward. Now, through the Paying it Forward podcast, audiences are invited to listen to snack-sized episodes featuring tales of kindness, resilience, and generosity.

Reflecting on her Eurovision victory, Aston reminisced about the whirlwind experience of representing the UK on the international stage at the age of 19. Aston reflected:

“It was just a silly song that didn’t mean an awful lot, but it just worked. For the next three years, we were in and out of different countries, in and out of hotels, TV shows, and travelling. It was an amazing whirlwind.”

Despite her early success, Aston encountered a formidable opponent in recent years: mouth cancer. Bravely sharing her journey of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, Aston underscores the importance of early detection and seeking medical attention.

Aston revealed:

“My journey with mouth cancer was tough. But thanks to the incredible care and support of dentists and doctors at the NHS, I was able to undergo successful treatment.”

Throughout her ordeal, Aston found solace in the unwavering support of her family and the healing power of music.

Aston remarked:

“Music has always been my sanctuary.”

Committed to giving back, Aston advocates for paying it forward, whether through music or supporting charitable causes.

Aston stated:

“I’ve always believed in paying it forward. I’m passionate about making a positive impact on the world.”

Aton continues to inspire audiences with her music, performing with The Fizz at the O2 London on June 28th. With a string of hits under their belts, including ‘Land of Make Believe’, ‘My Camera Never Lies’ and ‘Making Your Mind Up,’ The Fizz made up of Mike Nolan and Cheryl Baker promises an unforgettable night of entertainment.

In addition to her group endeavours, Aston released her solo catalogue, spanning over four decades of music. Her albums, ‘Alive and Well’ and ‘I-Spy,’ offer an eclectic mix of styles and genres, reflecting Aston’s journey and resilience.

Aston’s battle with mouth cancer in 2018 has changed her outlook on life and career, prompting her to share her journey through music. Her albums are now available on all major digital platforms, inviting listeners to experience the depth and passion of her musical journey.

Listeners eager to glean insights from Jay Aston’s inspiring journey can tune in to The Health Lottery’s ‘Paying it Forward Podcast’ on major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music.