Young Donors Lead the Way: Insights from The Charity Giving Index

UK charity, Muntada Aid has published an extensive national survey, ‘The Charity Giving Index’ to understand and offer insights into how much the UK is donating and fundraising for charities, what makes them donate and how they engage with different causes. The survey results show that adults under 25s are by far the most generous and engaged donating twice as much as other age groups.

The Charity Giving Index is a comprehensive national survey of the UK public that gives insights into what motivates the UK public to donate to charities, what types of causes receive the most donations, how many charities individuals donate to each year and an indication of how much each age group donates, what percentage fundraise and what promotional activity is most effective at persuading individuals to donate.

The survey results have highlighted how generous under-25s are compared to other age groups as they donate twice as much as any other age group with an average annual donation to charitable of £258 which is more than twice the amount donated by over 45s of £126 and £131 by 35 to 44-year-olds.

Along with being the most generous at donations under 25s were by far the most likely age group to fundraise for charities in 2024 with 37% confirming they are planning to fundraise this year. This compares with just 10% of over 45s who intend to fundraise this year and less than a fifth (18%) of 35 to 44-year-olds.

Muntada Aid is a global humanitarian charity which operates in some of the world’s most vulnerable places, by providing much-needed assistance to communities that have been affected by disasters, conflicts, and the cycle of poverty. It runs sustainable health, educational, water security, capacity building and emergency relief projects.

Nayaf Sheikh. CEO at Muntada Aid, added:

“We commissioned this national survey to understand how individuals are donating to charities and what motivates them to fundraise. The results show the vast differences across age groups and show how engaged and generous younger generations are with charities which is so positive to see.

“These detailed insights allow the Muntada Aid team to maximise our fundraising efforts across all our humanitarian missions and ensure we can support even more communities who rely on our vital projects and aid.”

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